NoC week4— Explorations

Understanding inheritance, an array of vectors and modifying a Processing example.


This week I wanted to explore making organisms and using inheritance (subclasses), as a variation of previous week’s code.

Link to Code



The original goal was to create a more purposeful movement into the particles. I imagine this exploration something more like an organism moving around. I tried to separate the tasks in differents sketches to be able to explore each subject in depth. However, it wasn’t easy at all, as usual. 😅

Here are my explorations and challenges:


Following the video tutorials, I tried subclasses. I tried to make a variation of last week's sketch where I moved particles in space. This time I changed how to move the particles in the canvas. Instead of noise(), I used random() and mouse position. Instead, I used mouse to modified the size of the shapes.

My idea with this sketch was to make the circles move toward the mouse when a circle was pressed and move the squares only when a square is pressed. I tried different approaches but wasn't able to make it work.

Not sure if it is because of the nature of inheritance.

Array of Vectors

In this sketch I did my first attempt at legs for the particles. I started with the vector example sketch from the class material. This was interesting because for some reason I thought that it was not possible to make an array of vectors.

Because I only want to draw a few lines I want to make a loop to limit the quantity in random positions using P5.random2D().

What I wasn't able to control the change of length of the line in any of the directions.

Moving an arm

In this sketch, I modified one of the examples of Processing, InteractionReach 1. For this modification, I changed the movement of the “arm” to be controlled by noise. To be able to do that movement was a lot of trial and error, so I am not sure even how it is working exactly.

After controlling the movement with noise(), what I was trying to do was rotate a different arm (made in an array) from the center of the canvas. I tried to manipulate the variable that changes the angle, but the two parts of the arm separate. I changed the lines into vectors thinking that in that way I only have to change the direction of the line but didn’t work as I expected.



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