HH Final Project

Ideation for Sharing a Canvas


I only have one idea in mind at this moment and is to try to do a shared canvas where you can paint with other user connected. So far I have a very simple approach to this one brush, one color and maybe be able to talk to other users connected.

I chose to work with the concept of the brush because was my favorite assignment. 🖌️ The simplicity but variations of brushes that you can create are infinite! ✨
Real-time web application is something that I want to explore more for future projects and I believe this project is a perfect opportunity to explore both.

For the socket.IO part, I am following a Lynda tutorial: Node.js: Real-Time Web with Socket.IO
I’ll need to be able to use mouse and touch (only one finger) events.

Aesthetically I am thinking in a brushed white over black. I hope to be able to explore different colors for users, but I am not sure if I am gonna be able to do that.

Currently pursuing a Masters Degree at ITP at NYU