Curious Cube

Documentation for Midterm Project


The ide of this project was to make the cube itself the object that interacts with the light. The lights and the changing of the position of the cube around a table change the color of the light. In this last version, I integrate light into the table, to make it stronger the visual effect.

I’d like to explore how to change the color of light in a non-linear control. This project is a search for abstract and seamless interaction.

Arduino Code

Sketches and Ideation


Exploring Hall Effect Sensor
The idea was to use a Hall Effect Sensor to control the lighting. However, the sensor that I bought is a digital sensor and doesn’t provide analog readings. What I understand so far, the Hall sensors can have analog readings, although the one that I have is a switch. Because of this, I changed the way that the sensor changes light to time-sensitive and not distance sensitive.

For more information in the prototyping phase see post: Testing the sensors

Iteration of design
After testing with two cubes I decided to go back with one cube interaction. The reason was that I wasn't interested in seeing that many cables around the interaction.


Because I want tho create a diffuse light effect I use white translucent acrylic for the cube and surface of the board. the acrylic has 1/8" of depth I was able to use a laser cutter.
For the creation of the shape of the cube, I use the online tool Maker Case.

Future Work

For future interaction, I would like to explore this relationship with a more sensitive surface to see a stronger interaction between the movement and colors. I think that this could be accomplished using an analog hall sensor, However, what I saw in my research the range of those sensors is also small.



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