Brainstorming ideas for Collective Play

Drawing inspired games

Game1: Exquisite corpse

A random person selects a word and that word passes to each person. The first person needs to draw something for 10 seconds and the drawing is passed to another person that only sees a little bit. The next person has to continue the drawing (from what they can see). At the end a drawing is revealed.

Game 2: Dot dot dot

There is a grid of dots, and each player has an opportunity to to draw a line. Whoever closes the square shape wins the space. Lines cannot be crossed by other lines.

Game 3: The drawing of shame

Drawing challenge. Based on a prompt, a person draws for 10 seconds, people can vote to keep or discard that drawing. Majority wins.

Game 4: Destroy my confidence

I have to draw from a prompt, the next person can choose to keep or destroy my drawing to be able to have more space to draw on the top.

Game 5:

The game tells you to draw a line in a direction, but the line appears in another random direction. Who can draw the line? Who has the power?

Game 6: Steer the ship

You’re trying to steer a ship together. Each person is a vector. You need to coordinate.

Game 7: Tug of war — pairs

Players tap on screen to push a ball away from them. Players are on opposite sides.

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